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  • Ronto fiber glass planter

    This custom fiber glass planter will absolutely transform your balcony with it’s sleek sophisticated design.


    • Prices Inclusive Plants
    • Delivery with 36 -48 hours


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  • Eclipse rattan planter


    Made from Synthetic rattan with a discreet waterproof plastic liner pot, our ball shaped planter is perfect for medium sized plants and shrubs. Also suitable for indoor use, it will provide an attractive home for your favorite blooms.


    • Prices Inclusive Plants
    • Delivery with 36 -48 hours


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  • Prism fiber planter

    The 3 dimensional like appearance of the Prism fiber planter elegantly offsets the topiaries.

    The  fiber glass planter uniquely stands out in the backyard and garden area.

    • Price inclusive plant (One pot)
    • Dimension :30cm Diameter
    • Delivery 3-7Working Days


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  • Canna fiber planter

    Let your topiary, shrubs and flowers be the stars of the garden party in these medleys of elegant, Canna fiber planter . Aimed for the polished look? Want to add a pop of colour? Spruce up the window sill, or staircase landings? Irrespective of what your landscaping aesthetics are, go ahead and get your hands on these large tower planters.

    • Price Inclusive plant
    • Price indicated for one Pot Only
    • Dimension :40x40x40cm
    • Delivery 3-7Working Days


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  • Eclipse fiber planter

    Give a unique touch to your environs with Eclipse fiber planter .

    The spherical planter pot features a finished texture but is designed with a premium grade fibre-glass. Select your favorite colors and enhance your  interiors and exterior landscapes.

    • Price inclusive plant
    • Dimension :30cm Diameter
    • Delivery 3-7Working Days


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  • Quadro max fiber planter

    Get this Quadro fiber glass planter at a deal!

    *Choose from a wide range of fiberglass planter styles, sizes, colors, and finishes

    • Cost inclusive the plant
    • Dimensions ; 35x35x40cm


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  • Tower twist planter

    Pre-order these Tower twist light weight planters – made out of fiber glass today.

    Any Modern planter can made in either fiberglass or cast stone, and in any size (including oversized and custom sizes

    * Delivery timeline between 3-7working days


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  • Macarons

    Colorful, pillowy, and delicately flavored, macarons are perhaps one of the most famous and treasured French desserts. The macarons are eggless and Gluten free and the Chocolate one is Vegan.

    *Flavours currently available is Passion fruit, Pistachio, Raspberry, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla

    * A box comes with 8macarons ( Assorted flavors based on availability at the time of ordering)


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  • Chocolate and wine pairing – Local grill

    Enjoy an evening of great company with the Ythera Chocolate Club members  as  you learn all about craft chocolate making plus  different flavor combinations that will delight your taste buds !

    1. * The evening will include 4 different chocolates and 3 different types of wine
    2. * A  tasting score card to document the experience will be shared
    3. * You will explore what it is that makes these matches work, and find out what makes a good quality wine or chocolate taste better!
    4. * The Chef and sommelier at the Local Grill will give a brief talk about aged meat plus the inspiration behind the restaurant

    Note : Charges do not include the cost of food at the restaurant.However, you are free to order food as you please after the pairing.

    By your presence here, you consent to be photographed, filmed and/or otherwise recorded. Your attendance constitutes your consent to such photography, filming and/or recording and to any use, in any and all media, of your appearance, voice and name for any purpose whatsoever in connection with this event.

    Terms & Conditions Apply


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  • Membership Renewal- Chocolate Club

    These are the primary benefits you will receive as a member of Exclusive the Ythera Chocolate Club

    1. Experience of a wide range of hand-picked artisanal chocolate made by only the best chocolatiers during our events.

    2. Discounted rates for members on any chocolates purchased directly from our website through an exclusive membership coupon code.

    3. Discounts on the monthly subscriptions for the limited edition Chocolate.

    4. Professional networking opportunities with members within the club and other similar minded groups that we intend to collaborate with.

    5. Experience desserts in some of the best bespoke restaurant at the Village Market.

    6. Members get to recommend the type of chocolates and possibly wines for our exclusive pairings.

    7. Discounted event charges of up to 50% for members attending our exclusive pairings

    Terms ^ Conditions Apply


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  • Valentines pralines *2Tins

    Mellow 50% milk chocolate hearts with an irresistible melt. All wrapped up  – ready to give with love on valentines day!

    * Cost includes 2tins of chocolate heart pralines


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  • love artisan bars (4pcs) + Wine

    This classic combination of Handcrafted Artisanal chocolates with wine that pairs so well always delights! Definitely more than a Valentine’s gift 😉🥂🍫

    Consists of;

    • El chivo Cabernet Sauvignon wine

    • Milk dark chocolate bars ( hazzlenut praline 50% dark ) (4pcs)



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  • Valentine’s (9pc) truffles + Wine

    This classic combination of Handcrafted Artisanal chocolate truffles with wine that pairs so well always delights! Definitely more than a Valentine’s gift 😉🥂🍫

    Consists of :

    • 9pcs of assorted artisan chocolate truffles
    • Rosso Nobile wine : This sweet red wine has an irresistible combination of noble red wine and aromas of finest chocolate. Delicious with your favourite chocolate, chocolate desserts or on its own


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  • love truffles (9pc)

    love truffles – Express your love with artisan chocolates that consists of 9pcs of assorted truffles and pralines. LIMITED STOCK!


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  • Stack Bundle bars (3bars)


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  • Mini Cubi Rattan Planter


    Made from synthetic rattan, the Mini Cubi Rattan planter is a lovely alternative to traditional terracotta pots.They are neatly woven , adding character to your garden, and each includes a clever hidden plastic lining.

    •  Prices Inclusive Plants
    • Delivery with 24 -36 hours



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