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We have a wide Range of Garden Plants On Sale at  reasonable Pricing. Our vendors Supply Top Quality Garden Plants. Now all you have to do is figure out how to keep them alive 🙂  Email, [email protected] for any plant inquiries and quotations.

  • Cordyline

    Cordyline are common decorative plants that make excellent houseplants and thrive outdoors in hardiness zones 9 to 12. They typically have leathery, spear- or lance-shaped leaves with a variety of coloring, including green, red, yellow, white, purple, and purplish-red. Some species in this group have fragrant, cuplike flowers followed by berries. Care for these plants indoors is simple and straightforward, but they must be kept warm, they need a lot of light.

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  • Alocasia

    Originating in tropical Southeast Asia, this popular elephant’s ear (Alocasia amazonica, part of the Alocasia genus) is a striking and beautiful houseplant, with deep green leaves accentuated by whitish or light green leaf veins. It’s a hybrid that has become a fairly popular ornamental house plant and is one of the easiest to find and buy. The leaves are roughly serrated, and in some cases, the leaf color appears as an almost purple-green. They are fleshy, truly tropical plants that grow from underground corms. It is a flowering houseplant that typically grows as an evergreen, which is defined as a plant that retains leaves throughout the year.

    Please take caution!! This is one of the many poisonous houseplants you may have in your home, so keep away from children and pets that may eat or bite at the plant.

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  • Cast Iron Plants (Aspidistra)

    Known as cast iron plants (and ballroom plants), Aspidistra have earned their reputation as nearly indestructible houseplants. They are fairly undemanding and will survive through neglect that would easily kill a lesser plant. They will practically grow in the dark. They’re excellent for those difficult to fill areas in deep shade and pet-friendly.

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  • The Anthurium

    The Anthurium (Flamingo Flower) is an unusually striking plant. The colourful bracts are really shiny! It is therefore called Anthurium andraeanum. These decorative plants flower for most of the year and are fantastic throughout the house! This anthurium is perfect for the living room. They immediately emit a warm glow and change the mood of your home.

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  • Bromeliads


    Bromeliads are one of the best tropical plants to grow in your home. They are extremely adaptable, tolerating a variety of home environments. By following a few basic techniques, you can watch these beautiful and brightly colored plants thrive and flower for years to come.

    • They are easy to grow indoors.
    • Most species tolerate infrequent watering.
    • They have beautiful forms, foliage, and flowers.
    • The flowers (inflorescence) last three months or more.

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  • Kalanchoe thyrsiflora

    Being a succulent perennial, it does not require much attention in sunny dry gardens. Plants take about 3-4 years to mature, but flowers may appear from the second year and remain for another year before seeds are dispersed. These plants are ideal for sunny areas and, being perennials, they can be used as semi-permanent features in beds of annuals or bedding plants.

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  • Weeping Fig Tree

    The weeping fig is part of the Ficus plant genus (scientific name: F. benjamina) and tree like, in looks. With large arching branches and long pointed leaves, it looks attractive indoors (apart from leaves dropping).

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  • Calathea

    The genus Calathea includes some of the most beautiful and striking tropical foliage plants in the world. Calathea species generally have boldly marked, upright, oblong leaves in a dazzling array of colors held on long, upright stalks. Because of the plant’s bold markings, it goes by nicknames such as zebra plant, peacock plant, and rattlesnake plant, that reflect that. It is closely related to the similarly gorgeous Maranta. 

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  • Spider Plants (Chlorophytum)

    Despite the creepy-crawly name, the spider plant is among the most popular and easiest to grow of all hanging or trailing houseplants. While these exceptionally hardy plants will survive in less than perfect conditions, in perfect conditions they are stunning. A mature plant will form tight rosettes of arching leaves with a profusion of hanging plantlets on long stems, up to three feet, somewhat like a bushy green mane. Although there is a pure green variety, the most common variety seen in garden centers in the green-and-white striped ‘Variegatum.’ Mature plants have small white flowers.

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  • Howea forsteriana

    The kentia palm (Howeia) is one of the world’s most popular indoor palms. In fact, it’s sometimes called the sentry palm, presumably because of the entryways it guards. The kentia palm is perhaps not the most beautiful or graceful of all palm trees, but it has everything you could ask for in an indoor palm. It’s shade tolerant, cold tolerant and doesn’t grow too alarmingly large. Under the right conditions, a kentia palm will eventually grow into a magnificent specimen plant, up to 10 feet tall.

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  • Aglaonema Plant

    The aglaonema (also called Chinese evergreen) is a highly decorative plant with several interesting varieties. It is one of the most popular houseplants and the color variations—from dark green to silver, and some with hints of red—can really add to your home’s decor.

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  • Clerodendrum thomsoniae

    Variegated Bleeding Heart Vine

    A tropical vine that can grow to 10’ but usually more compact with a showy cream variegation in the broad green foliage. The leaves are thin, unlike some clerodendrons. which have thick fuzzy leaves. The inflorescence form as short racemes of white flowers with little red hearts that come in the spring and summer.

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