The flat shape of the CUBETO bowl planter offers room for creative plant arrangements. Its classic contours and natural stone look that make the new bowl planter extremely versatile.

The reason why most people fail with some of their container plants is because of improper watering.

Sometimes they over water plants and other times they don’t give them enough water and eventually die.

Sound familiar?

I was intrigued when I first saw the Cubeto ” self-watering” plant containers by Catapult nature at at first I just liked the way they looked (omg, the bright colors) but I later noticed  the planters were designed with a sub-irrigation system meaning they can maintain a plant for up to 12 weeks with no human intervention.

Whether you’re looking to add some bright colors in your living room or a lasting gift for a loved one.The Cubeto gift planter certainly leaves a lasting impression.Try it today or choose among st our other planters collection here